Product Features

From safety manuals on the go to managing inspection tasks on the run, A complete essential safety measure compliance management tool.

Improve Internal & External Communication

It’s simple to keep everything in one place. Then choose who else has access to ESMWiz and work together with your team and third-party inspectors. Send them email reminder for incoming inspection.

Essential Safety Measure Logbook automation 

Create and manage Essential Safety Measure Yearly Logbook on your own, delivering significant time savings for building managers or contractors.

Print all the required logbook pages from your desk from Cover Page to pre-prepared Annual Maintenance Statement or Report.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

“automate reports, manuals, inspections, alerts and more”

Cloud base System

No installation or no expensive hardware investments required, access anywhere through internet. 

Know what’s what

Get clear real-time visual update of the pending inspections and its progress with the priority highlighters at any time.

Collaboration with others

Work together with your team and third-party inspectors. Send them email reminder for incoming inspection.

Data Management

Get full control of your data. Create or Update information any time. Maintain confidentiality of the information.

Easy online management

Track and customize inspection task, run reports and even more from one place. 

Equipment Register

Update the equipment register should plant and equipment change or if additional ESM have been installed .

Data Export

Get list of equipment or list of inspection to obtain competitive prices for the maintenance from third party.

People Management

Create building managers, delegate buildings to them, let them manage with their own login but with one data version.

Task Management

Let inspectors update the status directly via an ESMWiz Communication API without logging into the system.

Building Management

An easy to use dashboard which gives managers complete visibility of all the buildings they’re managing, helping them guide their compliance strategies and performance.

Create or Update information any time. For example, Print or Reprint Compliance document with updated information anytime without any third-party involvement.

It saves Time, be more efficient, Error less – (human error) and maintaining business confidentiality.

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