Hi, My name is Raj, and I am the founder of ESMWiz.

This blog post is my first for ESMWiz. I thought a lot about what to write about in the first blog post, and I settle to introducing myself.

Since 9th grade, I love programming. I grew up writing basic (programming language) in ZX Spectrum 64K, and in the night dreaming about writing a computer program for controlling Robots. In grade 11th and 12th, I did computers and learn pascal programming language; at the same time, I learn C on my own. After doing my schooling, I somehow drifted away from the computer. I did graduation in Bachelor of Commerce. Then did Diploma fashion designing course, Work as Accountant Trainee, Work as Purchasing Executive and so on. But in nothing, I got the feeling that I want to do this for the whole of my life. After a while, I joined a computer course with a promise to my Dad that this is the last thing he needs to spend money on and whatever happens, I will stick to it.

Here I was introduced to some exciting concepts and subjects like Boolean algebra, Virtualization in Memory and most extensive concept of Database. I love it.

One thing which stamped on my mind that if I specialize in the Database, I will never be out of job or excitement. Data is involved in everything. Every day our world is creating a vast amount of DATA. From buying a vegetable to sending a rocket to space or sitting at home watching TV or exercising or doing any activity, everything generates DATA. That time I learn about an ongoing project called Square Kilometre Array to built world largest radio telescope. The researchers are estimating it will generate more DATA in a day than the entire INTERNET. Project first phase is expected to be completed by 2020.

Here while studying Database, I was introduced to Oracle database, and from there onwards, I got hooked to it. Since then, I have designed the number of business systems. While creating all these systems, I learned that nothing you learn goes wasted in life. Everything I did before doing my computer course like fashion designing, accounting, purchasing, auditing work, everything came handy. It helped me in designing, coding and understand client requirements.

In between, I set up my first company in India in 2002, where we developed a team of specialist specializing in Oracle Technologies. Later in 2006, I moved my business to Malaysia and set up a new company, Datawiz Consultancy Services Sdn Bhd. In 2008 I was awarded Oracle ACE award by Oracle. In 2009, I setup Orawiz Consultancy Services Pty Ltd in Australia to manage my consultancy work and other business. Now in 2019, I set up a new company, ESMWiz Pty Ltd, to specialize solely to provide facility management software as a tool. Currently, we are concentrating on the Essential Safety Measure and will move to other areas of facility management in the long run.

I will end my post here. In my next blog will tell a story How the idea of ESMWiz was born.

“Thanks to my Dad for his patience with me who though didn’t agree with me but let me do what I wish as he wanted to see me happy”