The idea of ESMWiz was born in 2017 in Heyfield (VIC). One day my team-mate from cricket ask me for help in installing software on his laptop.

The problem was the software vendor has stopped releasing the update, and he was unable to run it in new Windows version.

I investigated more and asked him for more detail about the software.

For the sake of discussion and privacy, I will call my mate as “M”, the software as “XYZ Software” and software provider as “X Company”.

“M” runs a Fire & Security consultancy business.

At his work, he uses “XYZ Software” to create all kinds of compliance document related essential safety measures. The software is simple to use. You are required to key in building details once, and after that, you can auto-create all kind of compliance document needed.

Now “X Company” has stopped developing this software. Instead, they have started proving the service themselves. If you need a compliance document for your building or your customer building, you call them and order to them directly. Besides this, they start providing the whole fire and safety consultancy service themselves.

I didn’t agree with the approach of “X Company”.

Instead of promoting their software as a tool, helping small businesses like “M” get more business. They misused their position in the industry and took over a chunk of “M” like businesses. Anyway, for me, it came as a blessing in disguise. I sensed a gap in the market after my research on it.

This whole situation gave birth to the idea of ESMWiz.Within a week, I created a working prototype of ESMWiz and presented to “M”. He loves the prototype. It has all the features and reports which ‘XYZ Software” was providing.